For Shippers

1-Bridge creates and uses technology and people to act as a giant filter enabling customers to focus on their core business while limiting risk

1-Bridge Logistics uses a customizable out of box Transportation Management System (TMS) and colour coded tracking to help customers exceed expectations for their clients. The combination of the 1-Bridge processes and systems drive value to our customers with the help of software and decision making when issues are escalated internally. With the different verticals being serviced one size does not fit all and 1-Bridge is constantly innovating and adapting to customer requests such as:

  • Powerful Ad hoc reporting 

  • KPI’s to address strategic alignment to their business goals

  • EDI capability for tender acceptance, updates, invoicing etc.

  • Daily tracking and tracing system with customized emails for updates

  • API’s and connectivity to most WMS and TMS providers customers use

  • Proof of delivery or BOL’s on demand


These are a few of the most common features customers are looking for in their day to day operations. 1-Bridge uses technology and people to act as a filter for customers. Only the issues that are not solved immediately are escalated with options and solutions to prevent bad surprises in their supply chain.

For Carriers

The system allows 1-Bridge Logistics to match loads based on a carrier’s preference and needs. With over 1000 carriers doing business with 1-Bridge Logistics the system needs to be robust to ensure the right carrier is chosen based on their equipment and metrics. This makes it easier for the carriers to be successful and rely on the information provided to them to help with reloads and repositioning equipment. With ELD legislation and the 1-Bridge app currently in development it allows better visibility and less calls for carriers and the drivers. Carriers working with 1-Bridge Logistics benefit from the technology in the following ways:

  • Load matching based on equipment such as dry van, refrigerated, flatbed and consolidation

  • Lane histories to match carriers’ preferences on lanes they run

  • Fast Pay program that releases payment within 48 ours after paperwork is uploaded

  • Insurance monitoring to reduce the administrative burden on carriers

  • 1-Bridge app connected to ELD providers to reduce tracking phone calls



1-Bridge Logistics will continue to customize their TMS to address the evolving requirements in the supply chain for customers and carriers.

The 1-Bridge app will continue to be developed as more ELD providers are added to the system. This will be a continual process and will provide live tracking and updates to mitigate risk to customers and help facilitate more efficient planning for carriers. Blockchain, Artificial Intelligence and machine learning are still in the research phase with more to come.