Redefining the traditional freight brokerage model.

In a traditional model, a freight broker will arrange the transportation of goods by finding an available motor carrier that can meet the pick-up and delivery requirements. The transaction is now complete. 1-Bridge Logistics comes to the table with committed capacity. We specialize in lanes across Canada, cross border shipments and lanes originating and terminating in the Pacific Northwest Region (BC, AB, WA and OR).

At 1-Bridge Logistics data and experienced people are used to select the right carrier; but that’s just the beginning of the process

Our process continues where others stop. We are committed to continually finding ways to improve your supply chain, optimize your resources and help you drive cost savings for your business.

As an example we like to challenge the status quo by assessing your business with questions like: was the most optimal mode used? Did I pay the right price? How do I save time? We continually review and analyze your business so you don’t need to.

Call 1-Bridge Logistics immediately and talk to one of our professional consultants for a free tune up for your supply chain today.

One Bridge Freight Broker help your Logistics in North America

Freight Options

Full Truckload services – Capacity at your fingertips

With one call, you are able to access thousands of pieces of equipment, which are ready to take your precious cargo to its destination.

We supply you with options, especially during the months when capacity is limited. 1-Bridge Logistics’ extensive partner network across North America will allow you to ship your product on time and on budget.

Our stringent screening process ensures that your freight will always be in the hands of a trusted partner. Whether it is a flatbed, temperature controlled or expedited shipments, our team of professionals have the expertise to get the job DONE!

Less than truck load or LTL – smart options made easy

1-Bridge Logistics has partnered with major LTL companies in the US and Canada, achieving deep discounts and allowing you to economically ship all across North America. With access to cargo & sprinter vans, straight trucks, pups (two 28ft trailer combination) and up to 53 foot trailers you will always have options. Our team of LTL specialists will work with you to determine the most cost effective and expedient way to move your LTL freight as follows:

  • Standard LTL – use 1-Bridge Logistics' preferred pricing tariff to reduce your costs

  • Time Critical – uses a combination of air and ground to meet tight deadlines or take advantage of time critical ground service ensuring your freight moves during weekends

  • Guaranteed Delivery – ensure your shipment is delivered by noon or 5pm on the guaranteed service date based on transit times

  • Volume Freight – items weighing more than 5000lbs or larger than 8 linear feet? This is the best way to move these types of LTL shipments at the most competitive price

  • Reverse Logistics or Returns – a cost competitive way to return goods or items

Service options for your LTL

  • Inside pick up and delivery – the driver goes beyond the loading dock

  • Lift gate pick up and delivery – no forklift, no problem, let the lift gate do the work

  • Excess liability – ensure the value of your shipments are covered with more liability than the standard $2 per package and up to $20,000 per shipment

  • BOL (Bill of lading) – focus on your business and let us take care of the paperwork


1-Bridge Logistics is a proud SmartWay partner.
Ask us how this affects your supply chain!