Define, design, implement, support and continuously improve is our process to maximize the ROI for your supply chain strategy and business.

In order to design the optimum solution as it relates to your supply chain, it is paramount that your business is understood from order creation to fulfillment. If all departments are not aligned then the focus becomes change management and an exercise in frustration instead of streamlining your business. Think about the adage when you streamline a mess–the result is a faster mess.

At 1-Bridge Logistics our process does not stop when we have found a solution for you. We need to support your growth goals by not resting on our laurels and continually improve your supply chain process.


Define – Initial consultation to determine the scope of project

  • The goal is to understand your business on an enterprise level across departments from order creation to fulfillment. Furthermore to assess your current systems, operations and department integration.
  • It is critical to understand your current customer specifications and supplier capabilities. On a more tactical level your service level requirements, commodity and any other special requirements you and your customers currently require.

Design – Usually we find this more valuable when we create a workshop for you and involve the different departments

  • If this is not feasible, a roadmap can be designed to bridge the gaps of the current situation to your desired outcomes.
  • A benchmark for direct, indirect and continuous savings is deteremined with your input and KPI’s are created based on your criteria.
  • An aligned implementation plan is then designed with check points you sign off on to measure progress.

Implement – 1-Bridge Logistics works side by side with your team to ensure smooth implementation of your design

  • During this time there may be more change management to work through, especially as new processes and compliance are introduced to create a sustainable ROI.

Support & Continuous Improvement – Ongoing training can be provided to educate your different departments about your supply chain

  • We can also help you monitor and evaluate performance with your KPI’s.
  • Helping you understand your data to make sense of your business and ensure your customers’ expectations are exceeded and suppliers are compliant.

1-Bridge Logistics is a proud SmartWay partner.
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