Rory Smith

Sales & Marketing Director

Rory Smith is an effective business leader with a proven track record of achieving objectives.

He was born in South Africa and also holds a British and Canadian passport. This has enabled him to live and work in North America, Asia and Europe. He is fully committed to expanding his skills and testing the thresholds of his abilities in his pursuit for knowledge and self-development.

His relentless drive and focus on people development, performance metrics; operational improvements, KPI’s and contract negotiation have enabled him to build thriving businesses in Germany, England and Vancouver.

His specialties are:

  • Simple, strategic and complex selling/negotiating
  • People development and training across different cultures and multiple levels.
  • Talent planning, hiring and coaching
  • Strategic vision creator coupled with effective tactical execution
  • Excellent presentation skills, persuasive and effective communicator

Rory has an inflexible value system of honesty, hard work and respect. He seeks first to understand and to thine own self be true.

Fun Fact: When Rory is not at the office he can usually be found racing cars at autocross or track days.


Michael Low

Finance Director

Mike has been involved in all aspects of the supply chain and transportation processes.  From the 2am shift of hand loading and unloading parcel trailers to the procurement of equipment and handling customer requests. Mike has lead and managed teams to being directly involved in the strategic decisions of an 18 million dollar account. He has a wealth of experience in building teams and bringing people together to achieve profitable projects completed on time and within budget. Logistics presents new daily challenges and he is adept at making quick and decisive decisions to keep all parts moving. The word quit does not exist in his ethos or vocabulary; he always finds ways to accomplish what needs to get done.

Fun Fact: Mike is an avid traveller and is known to visit far off lands; he always finds a way to make it back home to Vancouver before we send out a search party for him.


Miguel Leon

Technology Director

Miguel Leon is a veteran in the logistics industry; with over 12 years’ of experience at a fast paced Fortune 300 supply chain organization. He has been involved in every aspect of building business including customer sales to managing a team in sourcing capacity. His hard work; honest assessment of situations and dedication have earned him the trust of many of his customers and carriers. Understanding customers business, building relationships on multiple levels and the desire to push for continuous improvement are what drives Miguel to perform at optimum levels. 

Fun Fact: Miguel manages to keep fit by playing volleyball and networking in the sun all at the same time. He always knows someone who knows someone that can help.


Nhat Nguyen

Sales & Operations Director

Nhat Nguyen is a true entrepreneur who is dedicated to pursuing the highest levels of service and teamwork. He has extensive sales knowledge with over 16 years’ of experience in finance, real estate and logistics. Despite the range of industries he always pushes for a common outcome: excellence in customer service. In the transportation industry, Nhat continues to improve and develop creative capacity solutions. His vision to drive collaboration on our team and between carriers and customers is paramount to his modus operandi. His relentless work ethic and drive to succeed sets him apart from the masses. 

Fun Fact: Outside of work hours finding Nhat is pretty easy. He is on a golf course during the fair weather months and at a driving range in the winter.


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