1-Bridge Sponsorship update - Angeline

At 1-Bridge Logistics one of the many reasons we work so hard for our customers and carriers is because it provides the opportunity to give back. We are overjoyed that despite the hardships Angeline is facing; all she needed was a little help and she is thriving. 1-Bridge received a letter and photo of Angeline holding a picture of our team that we had previously sent; with the message, “We know that you can do it Angeline !!!”

This is the update we received from #onegirlcan

Hi Rory from the 1-Bridge Logistics team,

 We’ve just come back from Africa and are excited to have a letter and photo from Angeline to share with you! We were so proud to see her continue to perform well in school, but we were particularly struck by how her confidence is growing, along with all the other girls in our program. We believe this is due to in part to the mentoring workshops we offer our girls every year, but also to the tangible promise of a better future that One Girl Can has given her.

 As her champion, you are an important part of her journey. Angeline knows that this future wouldn’t be possible without your support, and as you can read, she is beyond grateful for this.

 From the bottom of our hearts, thank you so much for giving Angeline the chance to earn a living, help her family escape poverty, and earn respect for the contribution that she and thousands of other girls will now be able to make in their society. 

 Thank you for believing that One Girl Can! 

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Angeline Sponsorship Picture.PNG