Redefining the Traditional Transportation Model


At 1-Bridge Logistics we are redefining the traditional freight brokerage model by contracting carriers on lanes and then providing this capacity to our customers. This ensures a consistent carrier base that does not need to constantly learn the business and makes for a more efficient supply chain. It is similar to an asset based model with the flexibility to manage surges or spikes in volume.

Similar to anything that you expect growth from' there are a number of options to consider. Unfortunately one size does not fit all when it comes to your supply chain. What is the right model to ensure you have sustainability for your business? Is it 100% asset based, 4PL, 3PL a combination of asset based, broker and/or SAAS?

As technology and consumer buying habits drive businesses to adapt, supply chains need to accommodate these changes. For many customers they may not realize their 100% asset based model is actually being brokered out or contracted to carriers that may be posing a huge potential risk to their business. 

What is the best model? This ultimately depends on your business growth and balancing both short and long term objectives. Something to consider is the cultural fit between your business and your supply chain provider. Aligning your business model and cultural fit with your supply chain provider helps overcome many of the obstacles such as communication, visibility and urgency.

Partnering with the correct supply chain provider could be the difference between having your business survive or taking it to levels you never thought were possible. The supply chain has taken a much more prominent role in the strategic and competitive decisions that businesses must make to survive and excel. If you are asking yourself whether or not you have the best solution in place, that might be an indication it is time to review your existing provider or providers.